SAT/ACT & Academic Tutoring

Tutoring was created to promote the importance of academics in local youth athletes lives. S.A.F.E. members work with local youth student-athletes on homework and studying for exams. Members also look to provide tutoring and advice on strategical test-taking skills for the SAT and ACT for college entrance requirements. 

While participating in intercollegiate athletics at a 4-year university or college, all student-athletes are required to accumulate anywhere from 3 to 15 hours of 'study hall' (supervised tutoring, professor office hours, and/or studying). For all student-athletes, we recommend, regardless of their cumulative GPA, that they study promptly to establish good academic habits prior to attending college. 

Forms of Tutoring We Offer:

  • SAT and ACT Prep (this does not serve as a replacement for any Prep courses)
  • Homework and Tests
  • Individual Tutoring
  • Group Tutoring

It is SAFE's goal to provide these services at little to no cost as possible. We are willing to set terms to meet your financial expectations. For all groups or organization tutoring inquires we will negotiate terms of agreement based on your group or organization.

Preparing for the SAT?

As of March 2016, the SAT was redesigned for the benefit of the student. The College Board recommends that all prospective college students start taking the SAT or ACT by their Junior year of high school. If you don't know where to start studying, and are limited to participating in SAT preparatory courses, no worries, College Board and Khan Academy are here to help. Through this awesome partnership you can customize a training program to your level of needs. The best part about it, is that it is COMPLETELY FREE! Click here for more information!

Need Individual/Group Tutoring?

If yourself or your student is in need of tutoring... we have what you need! Please contact us through the form below to request individual or group tutoring and to receive estimates on low costs. 

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