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Student Advocates For Education (SAFEx)

After our initial launch with Student-Athletes Focusing on Education (SAFE), we quickly learned the necessity and demand for mentor programs towards empowering our community's youth. With that we launched our newest platform for facilitating, managing, and partnering between community and local organizations and clubs with youth development programs. SAFEx operates to provide the same opportunities we provide for local student-athletes. 

Our goal is to provide as many mentor opportunities for all students of all backgrounds. We work closely with higher educational institutions and their clubs and organizations towards providing volunteer/internship opportunities towards mentoring local youth. 


We have partnered with UC Merced's Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity who's philanthropy is to provide resources and awareness for Special Needs through their non-profit foundation, The Ability Experience. SAFEx is facilitating and managing the partnership with Merced County Office of Education (MCOE) and their Special Education Department. The gentlemen of Pi Kappa Phi will be attending special education classrooms throughout the county to provide assistance in daily activities and create caring relationships with students in Merced.