SAFE Documents

All required documents for SAFE members, participants, and third parties can be found on this page. All forms and documents are intended to be downloaded and printed. 


Don't see what you are looking for? Please feel free to contact a SAFE member as shown to the right for assistance obtaining exactly what you are looking for.


Student Resources

Any resources used within SAFE programs and activities can be found here. All resources are provided as a free service and do not need to be used along side a SAFE program. For questions about our resources please contact one of our Leadership staff.

CA Career Zone

This resource is used to establish a background and understanding of career pathways through education, interests, strengths, and lifestyles. Use this resource to take personality assessments to understand career opportunities, research different universities and colleges based on our your common interest assessments, and create a budget based on your ideal lifestyle upon graduating from college. 


College Board & Khan Academy

College Board is one of the most renowned resources for college admissions, college research, and SAT Prep and test taking. SAFE uses this resource in existence with CA Career Zone to cross-reference schools and personal interests for an ultimate list of universities and colleges for opportunity and interest of attending/applying. College Board provides an extremely useful and free program for SAT preparation in which SAFE incorporates for current juniors and seniors in high school, called Khan Academy. Every college going student is required to take the SAT or ACT exam prior to post-secondary enrollment and admission.