Biggie-Smalls Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program is SAFE's most sustainable program. During this 36-week long program students will incorporate all fundamentals of SAFE's curriculum. The goal of this program is to provide a "big brother" or "big sister" environment for aspiring college students. Through the mentorship students will engage in building their career pathways, academic status, and college preparation and readiness. This program was designed to perform in the entire format or in a broken down individual format. 


Program Structure | Day-to-Day Functions

Only a daily basis, SAFE mentors will work to develop a strong bond to establish trust through academic tutoring, exercises, and the weekly workshops. As in college, students are required to study and work on homework for a required amount each week.


College Prep and Readiness | Career Development | Academic Status

Through free resources, mentors will lead mentees through exercises to guide the decision making process towards applying to college, deciding what careers to consider, and the pathways towards acheiving it all.


Mentorship | Safe & Healthy Environments

As a mentorship is more than just tutoring and leading activities, our mentors establish a friendship that can be viewed around the community. Youth will have the luxury of contacting their mentors for assist at any time. The goal is to show students the light of the best path for success.


Program & Activity Breakdown


College Prep & Eligibility

Students will understand the requirements for high school graduation and post-secondary admission. Students will create a schedule for academic success towards meeting those goals. Additionally, students will be required to establish a connection with their college and academic counselors for more resources.


Career Development

Students will create a portfolio of different lifestyles they may want to live in the future using CA Career Zone. Using strength and personality assessments students will understand the pathways required to achieve their dream jobs and lifestyle. Students will also have the opportunity to learn the interview and resume aspects to their careers. As well as here from some of the local communities successful professionals from all different types of careers.

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College Research 

Using College Board and CA Career Zone, students will begin the process of ranking their top 50 choices of universities and colleges all over the country. Students will use filters to decide what demographics they prefer in an academic environment for their own great success. Students will visit the campus of the University of California, Merced to fully grasp the feeling of an higher educational setting. 


Alcohol, Drug, & Violence Prevention

As academic and athletics are the most important aspects to our program, none of it will matter if the opposite side isn't avoided. Through local community members, SAFE will ensure that the use of illegal drugs, consumption of alcohol, and violence and their effects will be addressed through stories and statistics. 


Student Financial Resources

Accessibility for student aid towards higher education is near it's peak percentages. SAFE will use their member's experience with the resources of the Federal Student Aid department to allow students to fully understand how achieve their highest access to free money for education. 


Intercollegiate Exposure

As talent continues to show younger and younger, it is important for athletes to know the rules and regulations of being recruited to the next level. Our experienced student-athletes will assist younger student-athletes towards addressing letters to coaches, creating highlight film, and creating an inviting environment for coaches to recruit through resources provided by NCSA National Recruiting organization.