Biggie-Smalls Mentorship

Every individual needs a mentor. Research shows that when students have a mentor, they are more likely to aspire and succeed. Our mentorship program looks to create long-lasting relationships between intercollegiate student-athletes and students with the local community's youth to do just that. The relationships will be built to provide guidance, advice, support, and motivation towards achieving success through education and career development. We believe that with young adults we can impact the local community's youth through guidance and advice from similar backgrounds, characteristics, and interests. 


Mentorship Structure

This program ideally runs for an entire academic year (36 weeks) engaging students in multiple career and academic development activities and programs. The goal is to match students with similar backgrounds, characteristics, and interests to develop a common relationship. A mentor will not be paired to more than 5 mentees. Mentors will reach out at least 2-3 times per week through program and activities, study hall, and recreational/fun activities. The overall goal is that the mentees have the trust and confidence to reach out to their mentor for guidance, assistance, and advice. 

Developmental Programs & Activities

During the 36 week long program, mentees will engage in educational and career development activities. Students will work through a total of 6 programs throughout the academic year. Programs include: Career Development, College Research and Eligibility, Drug, Alcohol, and Violence Prevention, Financial Literacy and Resources, and for student-athletes Recruitment Strategies. Students will engage in weekly study hall activities (tutoring) for maintaining good academic standing. Each program will incorporate seminars, guest speakers, and hands-on activities. All programs can be ran individually or simultaneously.

For a complete list of details of each program, download our Mentorship Breakdown.

Research & Evidence