Game Day Event

Local youth student-athletes and teams will engage in an on-campus guided tour, interactive guest speaker with free food, college and career development discussion, and a complimentary UC Merced Athletics event. The goal of this program is to inspire and motivate our youth student-athletes to aspire to achieve the highest levels possible. Through discussions and athletic engagement, we will address the important pieces towards becoming an intercollegiate student-athlete. 


Guided Campus Tour

Provided by the UC Merced Office of Admissions Visitor Center, a guided tour is provided by a current student. Parents and students are provided with an in-depth look into the 21st century's first research institution. As the newest UC campus, UC Merced provides education to a diverse group of students with aspirations of making an impact in today's world. 


Guest Speaker

A light snack and beverage is provided for all participants prior to engaging in an interactive discussion and guest speaker. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from a UC Merced campus affiliate from different departments. Students will then engage in a discussion to understand the possible pathways towards achieving their dream jobs and lifestyles with the guidance of SAFE members.

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Athletic Event

Students will be provided with a ticket for entrance to the athletic event as planned in advance. Opportunities of being involved with the game are also available upon request. Parents and family members are required to pay for a ticket depending on the athletic event requested. 


To request information or to inquire a reservation for SAFE's Game Day event please visit UC Merced's Athletics page to select top 3 choices of home games and then consult with one of our officers. For inquiries regarding other local college campuses and their athletic events please reach out to Michael Pierick as listed on the right panel.