Game-Day Event

Local youth student-athletes and teams will engage in an on-campus tour, free food and interactive lecture, career and college development, and a UC Merced Athletics event. The goal of this program is to inspire and excite our youth student-athletes to aspire to the highest possible levels. 

Typical Itinerary:

  • First Hour: UC Merced Campus Tour in the eyes of a student-athlete
    • During this portion, SAFE members attending UC Merced will walk parents, students, and friends though campus explaining what each building is, it's purpose, and any other associations the building may have and address all questions visitors may have.
  • Second Hour: Guest Speaker from a authoritative figure on campus, free food provided by the UC Merced Admissions Department, and Career Development discussion.
    • SAFE's purpose is to provide an authoritative figure who will drive education and motivate student visitors toward pursuing post secondary education through the speakers experience and expertise.
  • Third Hour: Attend a UC Merced Athletics event for free (**All parents and friends must pay for attendance into game)
    • The athletic event is the main event where student visitors will watch a live game with the anticipation that they'll see what it takes to be a student-athlete at the collegiate level.

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