Our Community Partnerships

We are extremely proud to join sides with these local community based organizations and agencies towards empowering our youth for more successful future. All partnerships are collaborative and are focused on creating positive-learning and opportunity-filled environments.


City of Merced Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club is a world renowned non-profit organization with the mission and vision of impacting individuals throughout America. The City of Merced is blessed to their very own, where a large majority of youth attend post-academic time. SAFE and the City of Merced BGC have partnered to excel BGC members in education through recreation and college preparation activities and programs. The goal of this partnership is to join hands with all local organizations to provide more opportunities for individual career and academic development. 

SAFE Programs currently in effect: Academic Tutoring, College Prep and Readiness Mentorship, and STEM Advancement

Students with Aspiring Goals (SWAG)

SWAG's mission is "to mentor and encourage student athletes in underprivileged communities advance to four year universities by preparing them for college entrance and enhancing their natural athletic gifts with competent training." To help fulfill this mission, SAFE has partnered with SWAG to provide young student athletes with academic tutoring and career and college preparation and readiness. SAFE provides young intercollegiate student athlete mentors for idolizing the ultimate goal in post-secondary education as an intercollegiate student athlete. SWAG and SAFE have also joined together to work alongside common partners to assist other youth outside of the athletic realm, including part of the Merced County Foster Youth. 

SAFE Programs currently in effect: Academic Tutoring, College Prep and Readiness, Career Development, and Volunteer and Leadership Development



Syndicate Mentality Entertainment

SM Entertainment is a locally owned corporation established to impact low socio-economical groups with the Merced County region. The company's goal is to provide physical activities for our at-risk youth to achieve their goals and dreams. SAFE and SM Entertainment will be partnering towards strengthening our local communities through feeding the hungry, sporting events with an academic emphasis, and fundraising events. 

The first fundraiser will be held in the June 2017 in San Francisco Bay. For more information see 2017 Summer Yacht Fundraiser page.

City of Merced, Parks and Recreation

Merced Parks and Recreation is an organization ran through Merced county with the purpose of creating and running a variety of local activities and events emphasized for the youth in the community. SAFE has partnered with Merced Parks and Recreation to provide current and former UC Merced student mentors for the youth of Merced to idolize. Ultimately, SAFE and Merced Parks and Recreation have worked together to integrate the promotion of education and community involvement through activities and events the youth and others participate in.

Currently, SAFE and Merced Parks and Recreation are looking to raise money to fund a second site for their summer program. The summer program consist of various activities at a local park. These activities includes arts and crafts, science projects, physical activities, career integrated visits, field trips and more.