College Research Resources

We advise all prospective college students to develop a portfolio (a detailed list) of the top universities and colleges students are interested in. In that portfolio, record costs, size, location, and any other influential factors. 

For specific information and questions regarding individual universities and colleges, we advise students contact those specific schools Office of Admissions.

For assistance in researching universities and colleges please feel free to contact SAFE and a representative will happily assist. 

CA Career Zone

Do you know what you want to be when you grow older? If not, no worries! CA Career Zone is a free resource provided by the UC Merced Center for Career and Professional Development. Career Zone allows you to register an account to save all valuable information. This site allows you participate in self-assessments to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and interests. From those tests you can look at career jobs, from the career jobs you can research majors that pertain to that career, from the major(s) interested you can choose particular schools. 

College Board

College Board is the home for all easy and accessible college information. Students will use College Board to register for SAT and ACT testing, as well as, sending those scores to applied universities and colleges. Under College Search section, students can search for universities and colleges based on influential factors.