Biggie-Smalls Mentorship Program

Mentorship program that looks to create long-lasting relationships between intercollegiate student-athletes and the local community's youth student-athletes. Relationships are built to provide guidance, advice, support, and motivation towards attaining post-secondary educational opportunities. 

The mentorship program is a year-long mentorship program that looks to engage high school level student-athletes in S.A.F.E. programs on a more in-depth focus. Student-athletes will work with intercollegiate student-athletes through seminars, workshops, study hall, and athletics to aspire to the next level, post-secondary education. 

Included Programs

During the course of the 36-week long mentorship program, participants will engage in the following programs for motivation towards post-secondary educational attainment: (Each program [combined as 5 total programs] will last about 7 weeks total)

  • Career Development
  • College Research
  • Applying for College (for Juniors & Seniors)
  • Drug, Alcohol, and Violence Prevention
  • Recruiting
  • Financial Resources

On a weekly basis student-athletes will be engaged in Study Hall (designated tutoring time), practice and games, and opportunities for interaction with intercollegiate student-athletes. 

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