Are you a graduating high school senior? Are you nervous, scared, and/or unsure about what is to come next? Spend an afternoon with current college students to discuss the challenges they face towards earning their college degree. Over FREE food hear from various guest speakers, attorneys, college campus advocates, and many others on the ways to avoid becoming a college dropout. 

Did you know that the college completion rate is just over 50%? It is important to understand the challenges you may face while actively enrolled as a college student. Below are the topics we discuss to ensure your preparation and awareness for a successful college experience. 


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Social Life (Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, and Violence)

Understanding that you will at some point face pressure to engage in activities that are not wanted, illegal, or unhealthy for yourself is huge. Through our community partners we will educate you on the safe practices, consequences, and scenarios that you may face while in college. 

As we expect you to have questions and want to know more, we have current college students to talk about their experiences and what they did along with their result. They will also answer any of the questions you may have.

Academic Success (Focusing on your Priority!)

The reason you are at college is to get a degree! Effective studying and time management is key to a successful academic performance. Being able to manage and understand the other two topics, your focus on academics becomes that much easier. 

Our current college students will tell you about the ways they learned to effectively study and manage their time and what methods worked or didn't work. They will also talk about campus resources that you should know about to assist you in your academics. 

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Health & Well Being

If you don't sleep, eat, and hydrate right then you are jeopardizing your academic performance ability. Understanding time management with your life will allow you to maximize your opportunities to stay healthy and active. With 24 hours in the day you must plan when you will eat, what you'll eat, when you'll sleep, how long you sleep, and when you will fit everything else in for a successful college experience.

Our current college students will tell you stories about unhealthy practices and how they were able to successfully manage their time and well being.


Partners & Guest Speakers

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