Academic Tutoring

Behind every success there is dirty work that needs to be done. To maintain success through academics we believe that students must establish a strong academic background. To assist participants with this, we offer academic tutoring services through individual, group, or program based tutoring. Assistance with homework, test preparation, and/or SAT and ACT test taking practice is provided upon request of a tutor. 

All progress is determined through academic performance. Each student and their parent/guardian will sign into a contract describing their goals and outcomes and the agreed steps to accomplishing those goals and outcomes. 

*It is SAFE's goal to provide limited to no cost services. Based on individual request and necessities, rates may vary. 


Click here to download the Pricing and Fees for Academic Services!

*It is SAFE's goal to accommodate for every student and their family's needs and abilities. All prices and fees may vary depending on each specific circumstance. 


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