Academic Tutoring

Behind every Blueprint and dream there are little details and steps that allow students to develop successful habits. Throughout society today, individuals are required to attend academic setting in order to advance to the next stage. SAFE tutors for students, whether individually, group sessions, or through community partnerships. The importance of good academic standing cannot be stressed enough through our programs.  


Importance of Good Academic Standing

Today's Bachelor Degree is equivalent to yesterday's High School Diploma. As society continues to grow today, we are required to progress our educational attainment further and further. On average, an individual who obtains a Bachelor's Degree earns 66% more than the individual who only obtains a High School Diploma (NCES).  With research showing evidence for importance of academic achievement, we develop our programs and activities around academic success.

Study Hall

Behind every strong academic student is hard work, dedication, and excellent time management. Through tutoring we aim to develop those skills. We believe it starts before high school ages, so we provide weekly assistance through individual or group tutoring, or through community partnerships. We also believe that Literacy Drives Education, so we have provided additional support to raise student's literacy rates through a free tool, called NewsELA. With this program students read through articles at different levels based on their own interests. 

SAT & ACT Assistance

For every student aspiring post-secondary education at a 4-year university or college, they are required to take the SAT or ACT for college placement. Although we do not serve as a certified prep program for these tests, we provide students with test-taking tips, practice tests, and studying assistance. To assist students, we provide free online programs to guide students through preparation.